Building redevelopment

Building redevelopment

All buildings, especially historical buildings – are particularly affected, not only by environmental and weather conditions, but also by the decay that occurs naturally over time.
It is the responsibility of our generation to maintain and preserve these buildings for generations to come. The only way to do this is to restore and maintain historical structures and buildings properly, in consultation with the office for protection of historical monuments (Denkmalamt) and other authorities involved. Essential criteria in this context are time, money and primarily quality.
Based on our experience, the most successful way to conduct restoration in compliance with the regulations for historical buildings is to use the shotcreting method, which associates a modern work method, advanced technology, visible progress and building-specific materials. Both the material and our machine technology have been greatly enhanced through continuous cooperation with institutes for material testing. With a focus on the overall apperance of the ensemble, our machines support you in working towards consistently high quality.
In cooperation with us and with the use of our machine technology, you ensure efficient planning and performance.
Our machine technology is used, inter alia, for backfilling of cracks and hollow spaces, vertical shoring, retrospective sealing, balcony repairs, ceiling reinforcements and restorations, measures for optimization and adjustment in accordance with fire protection guidelines.

If used appropriately, our machines will enable you to meet all DIN standards and directives.
We are looking forward to providing you further information and advice.




WM-14 FU New Generation

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Thanks to the modification to the structure of the base frame, the mobility of the machine has become significantly easier.

The adjustment of the machine has been optimized. The operating elements for adjustment have now been arranged in the center of the construction. In doing so, the limit switch for the funnel sieve was redesigned.

In all other aspects, it corresponds to the performance and equipment of the 'old' generation.


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WM-05 FU

  • Output capacity: 0,5 up to 2,0 m³/h
  • Rotorspeed: 3 up to 13,5 U/min
  • Drive: Electric 3 kw
  • Max. Grainsize: 8 mm
  • Max. Pressure: 4 bar
  • Conveyor distance: up to 300 m
  • Weight: 300 kg
  • Dimensons lxwxh: 1350 x 650 x 1120

The WM-05 is our compact model of a rotor machine and is particularly suited to the use of dry spraying mortar, SPCC mortar, dry pre-mixed concrete and minor sandblasting work. This dry spraying machine requires two seal plates and is equipped with a frequency converter for continuous speed control.
The delivery includes a remote control for START, STOP (material and air) and EMERGENCY STOP (cable length 50 meters). Optionally, we offer a radio remote control for the WM-05 FU.
Tested for SPCC mortar in accordance with ZTV-ING.

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